Step into the arena with only a sword and a fist, and take on an endless horde of monsters! Try to rack up kills and survive as long as you can!

Keyboard Controls

  • WASD - move
  • Mouse - look
  • Left mouse button - sword attack
  • Right mouse button - punch attack
  • Shift - sprint 
  • Escape - pause menu

Gamepad Controls

Menus require a mouse to use

  • Tilt left thumbstick - move
  • Tilt right thumbstick - look
  • Right trigger - sword attack
  • Left trigger - punch attack
  • Press left thumbstick - sprint
  • Right special button - pause menu

About the Game

Hi, and thanks for checking my game out! It took me about four months to make this in my spare time. I've been making games as a hobby for over ten years, and I've started many projects but never ended up completely finishing them. My goal with this project was to spend only a few months on it and bring it to full completion, and I'm happy to say I achieved that goal! It may not be a very impressive game, but I'm learning to finish my projects, and I'm taking steps toward my next big idea.

This game is a prototype of a bigger concept of mine, which is a first person re-imagining of classic fantasy beat-em-up games like Golden Axe and King of Dragons. These games were fun, easy to understand, and simple enough to enjoy even with a friend who didn't play games very often. I hope to capture that feeling of sitting on the floor next to a friend, choosing the characters that suit your personalities, and going on a fun adventure together.

I hope you like the idea and enjoy playing!

Created by Christopher Ohanesian
Music by Mark Ohanesian

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